A letter of apology to my beloved country..

October 6th, 2011

Dear Egypt,

I still remember the last year’s blog-post on the 6th of October .. and I still remember how tough I was .. and how sharp my words were .. But I don’t regret any word I said, ’cause I was really angry with you .. and angry with myself too ..

I was searching for any victory to celebrate ,.. I was searching for a reason to be proud, ’cause I didn’t know why I was proud of being Egyptian!!

And I still remember how I avoided – on that day- to hear any “song about victory” for the first time in my life!! I still remember the song I played last year .. “Adda el Nahar –  The day is gone” – which is about the so-called “Setback” of the June war 1967 !! I played it and I was so angry with you! ..

And today, I’m still angry with you, to be honest .. but I finally have some reasons to be proud .. And I didn’t think of the setback today .. I’ve just thought about our martyrs in 1973 .. and also in 2011 !! And I played another song this year … “Feda’ay – man of sacrifice”   …

I love you, Egypt! I always have and always will .. I want you to be better, and that’s why I’m angry with you .. I’m sorry about last year!

lots of love,

me ..

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